Leclerc would look to 'turn things around' at Ferrari if Vettel was favoured

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Charles Leclerc admits he would look to "turn things around" if Ferrari began supporting Sebastian Vettel more heavily.

While predictions of how the Monegasque will fair at the Italian team have been non-stop since his confirmation, team boss Mattia Binotto changed the dynamic by suggesting Vettel would be "prioritised in certain situations".

The current line is that Leclerc will be predominantly free to race his teammate and the 21-year-old again insisted he accepted how it was being dealt with.

“Obviously I completely understand the decision," he said ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.

“As in any team, there has to be a number one and a number two in a 50-50 situation and, to be completely honest, when these 50-50 situations come, I will probably be let know in the car.

"To have any proper examples, I don’t know, we’ll see at the first race obviously. It all is very new to me."

Leclerc also insists if the situation was to occur in one race then he would work to ensure that didn't become the norm at Ferrari.

"Then, from my side, it’s my job then to turn things around. It’s not going to be easy, I have a lot to learn but I will try that,” he added.

"We are free to fight in qualifying [and] I can try and go faster than him which won’t be easy."

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To further prepare for the new season, Charle revealed he went on a team building weekend prior to heading to Melbourne in addition to the days he has spent at Maranello.

But after the months of waiting and talking, he is now relieved that the racing will soon begin.

"In the end, I’m just excited to be on track tomorrow, finally back in the car and finally seeing the true performance of everyone on Saturday," Leclerc declared.

"I don’t particularly think a lot about emotions or all these things and also neither expectations.

"I’m just focusing on the job and yeah the excitement is taking the biggest place in my head at the moment. Just wanting to be back on track."