Kvyat seeks explanation but Sainz fumes over Lap 1 contact

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Daniil Kvyat will ask for an explanation for the penalty he was given following the Lap 1 collision at the Chinese Grand Prix.

The Russian was battling with the two McLaren's exiting Turn 6 but contact with Carlos Sainz would spin the Toro Rosso into Lando Norris, also plucking the Briton into a roll.

A drive-through was awarded to Kvyat, who would later retire, but he insists he abided by all the necessary boundaries.

"I’ve seen it many times now and I totally disagree with the penalty,” the 24-year-old said.

“There was absolutely no understeer, nothing like that, it was a corner exit and the car was already very straight. The regulations say you have to leave one car width next to the car next to me.

"It was three cars in one corner, and one car coming back on track very sharply, so the other car was sandwiched behind us.

“I went in the air when a car hit me from behind and then I went into Norris. I will speak behind closed doors with the stewards to find a solution and understand it.”

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Sainz though believes Kvyat was taking an unnecessary risk having lost places at the start.

“It is a long race and you don’t have to open the steering wheel on the exit of a corner when you know you have two McLarens side-by-side. I think he knew, he knew that we were there," the Spaniard declared.

“It is a shame because it is a long race here in Shanghai and you can overtake here so if you don’t get the best of starts you have to be patient and get back in the points. That is exactly what Lando and I were doing but we were in a melee. It is a shame.”

An innocent party in all of it, Norris believed the whole moment was a racing incident that unfortunately, ended with his first F1 retirement.

"It was disappointing as I didn’t finish the race," the rookie said. Not what we liked or hoped for but I think the only positive at Carlos’ pace after as he didn’t have damage, he had a bit, not that much. His pace looked very good.

"The potential was there today to hopefully get points but it just wasn’t to be. It was a bit of a lonely race for me. I had a puncture, I had damage. It all kind of went wrong. I just look forward to Baku now."