Ricciardo wants equal cars to 'see who the best driver is'

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Daniel Ricciardo hopes the rule changes in 2021 will push Formula 1 towards more equal machinery.

There's no doubt the Australian has been one of the best drivers on the grid in the past five years but at Red Bull and now Renault, has always found himself unable to challenge perhaps where he deserves.

After a French Grand Prix which saw Mercedes dominate again and five of the top six positions unchanged from qualifying, Ricciardo does admit to considering the spectacle as he drives around.

"To be honest, if I'm by myself and I can see big gaps across the field in front of me, in my mirrors, sometimes I'm also thinking 'this isn't probably that exciting for people watching'," he was quoted by GPFans.com.

"As a racer, I would love for everything to be equal, so all us 20 drivers could be fighting to see who the best is. Some tracks, some drivers would be better and you would see a mix as the top guy wouldn't always be winning, it would be close.

"I know there was a big meeting to continue discussing things for 2021, so hopefully [that will improve things]," he concluded.

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While hopeful for change, Ricciardo was keen to stress that it is not upto Mercedes to make F1 exciting for the fans.

“At the moment, it's a bit easy for Mercedes, but I don't want to criticise them," the 29-year-old stated.

"They're the ones doing the job, it's up to everyone else to catch up. But it's easy to be frustrated without the car."