Alonso has 'let Red Bull know he is available' for 2020 seat

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Fernando Alonso has told Red Bull he would be available to drive for them in 2020, according to advisor Helmut Marko.

The Spaniard's future has been in question over the past week after a report suggested he and McLaren had agreed to part ways only for the two-time Formula 1 champion to rubbish the claim via Twitter.

What is known is, while Alonso retired from the grid at the end of last season and has often hinted at a lack of interest in returning, he has also left open the possibility if he could find a competitive car.

And after speculation began of Max Verstappen switching to Mercedes next season, now Marko has claimed Fernando has been in touch.

"Alonso's representatives have let us know that he is available," he told

However, he immediately ruled out any chance of it happening, for one simple reason.

"For Honda, Alonso is something impossible," Marko declared, with the Japanese manufacturer having a far from positive relationship with the 37-year-old.

If true, it is far from the first time that Alonso and Red Bull have been in contact.

Fernando came close to joining the team in 2008 after leaving McLaren but an agreement couldn't be reached with the issue of salary the reported biggest hurdle.

On the contrary, the two-time Le Mans winner says he declined as many as six Red Bull offers during his career, something the team denies.

Regardless, after this new report, it is clear that the chances of the two parties ever joining forces are now nil.