Hamilton not bothered by claims his success is due to a superior car

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Lewis Hamilton admits he isn't bothered by those who claim his Formula 1 success is only due to a better car.

The Briton is quickly carving out a career that is comparable to the very best in history, however, the main argument from critics is the vast majority of his wins, poles and championships have come in a dominant Mercedes car.

But while that may well be the case, Hamilton says he still has to get the job done.

“I don’t really care, necessarily. And I don’t mean that in a negative way it’s just I don’t let that affect [me]," he said to RaceFans of those perceptions.

“Everyone has a right to their own opinions. It doesn’t dictate to me whether I’m doing a good or bad job.

“I know whether I’m doing a good or bad job and I know how I’m performing and if I’ve got more potential in myself.

"I know the great work that I do within my team, I know when I’m not doing so well on a race weekend. I’m definitely enjoying driving."

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The five-time champion, who is already well on course for number six, also thinks fans have certain impressions because of a lack of understanding.

“It’s a difficult sport for people to have the correct answer to because there’s only 20 of us that are driving these cars," he explained.

"No one in the public domain or even you guys can have the privilege of going and driving the car like we drive the car in the heat of the moment like we do. Which is a shame.

“Even I go and play sometimes basketball and I feel like LeBron [James] for a second or Steph Curry. Sometimes I play tennis with my dad and I’m terrible, but sometimes I get it just over the net and I hit it right in the corner and it’s a great serve and I feel like [Roger] Federer for a second.

“You can’t go and get into a Formula 1 car and do a lap like I can do a lap and say ‘yeah, that felt like Lewis did it’. So it’s a little bit harder to relate to and see the nuances and the differences and the edge that we’re on," he added.

"But then there are people that admire it just because it is a whole spectacle and technology they do understand.”