Raikkonen happy to wait for Alfa Romeo upgrades that 'work'

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Kimi Raikkonen is happy to accept less frequent upgrades at Alfa Romeo, providing they bring performance.

The Finn had a solid start to the season with four straight points finishes, however, as midfield rivals began to improve, the team slipped down the pecking order.

Recent signs have pointed to an upturn with top 10s in France and Austria, but the 2007 world champion wouldn't make any predictions for Silverstone.

"I think the last two races have been better, for sure," he acknowledged on Thursday. "Here, who knows? It’s a completely different circuit, with a new surface and how that plays out for everybody.

"We’ve got some new parts, we’ve got to see how they work and what we get from there. Let’s hope that we are again in the fight and let’s see what we get on Sunday."

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Raikkonen has certainly been enjoying F1 more since giving up his seat at Ferrari to Charles Leclerc and moving back to where his career began at the former Sauber squad.

It has meant adjusting to life back in the midfield, working within the budgetary and operational constraints but Kimi understands the different environment.

"Obviously, every team is different but if you have something new, all teams will bring them but the lead production times and how do you find new things take a bit longer in the smaller teams," he explained.

"The positive thing is that, so far, everything new that we bring has worked. In the last few years I was in a position where new things didn’t always work, and if that happened here it would be more difficult.

"So far it has been good and let’s hope it stays like that. Any small or big new part we’ll happily take them, as they are positive."

Asked if he had a preferred approach to development, Raikkonen replied: "I don’t care. Anything we get, we take and it’s up to us to make sure it works.

"There are always numbers we can look at, if it works and it makes sense or not, also if it feels right or not, and that’s where I count a lot, I think."