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F1 bosses to layout future vision in first meeting with race promoters

Written by  Jan 17, 2018

Formula 1 bosses will conduct the first-ever meeting with all 21 Grand Prix promoters present on Wednesday to unveil their vision of the future for race events.

As the one-year anniversary approaches since completing their $7 billion takeover and the installing of Chase Carey as CEO, two key days of discussions await ahead of what is expected to be a very busy year behind the scenes with Liberty Media looking to overhaul the sport.

Upon their arrival, the American owners talked of creating 21 "SuperBowls" when describing the Grand Prix experience they wanted for fans and from the Spanish race last year, changes were introduced to move in that direction.

Now having the knowledge of a full season to draw on, Liberty is ready to move forward with their plans and will put them forward in an eight-hour conference in London and also come on the back on less formal conversations with multiple promoters in Spain and Abu Dhabi last year.

"I think it's great they are putting us all in the same room and discussing our ideas and their ideas together," Azerbaijan race promoter Arif Rahimov told Motorsport.com.

"It will work really well, especially if they keep doing it perhaps meeting on a bi-annual basis. It can keep everyone informed about their plans and we can give them feedback on what we think. It's a great idea."

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With several races also set to discuss future contracts in the coming months, notably the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and bosses at the Nurburgring are looking to return in 2019, having been unable to host the German round since 2013, the meeting also could well decide how those parties will enter contract talks.

Then on Thursday, a meeting of the Strategy Group is also scheduled in an effort to make progress on a number of topics including the engine proposal put forward for 2021 which led to quit threats from Ferrari and Mercedes.

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