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Renault claims prospect of an engine overhaul in 2021 "frightening"

Written by  Feb 06, 2018

Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul has claimed the thought of another major overhaul in the engine regulations in 2021 would be "frightening".

All the current Formula 1 manufacturers have voiced concerns over the plan released last year which was aimed at cheaper, simpler and louder units in three years time by increasing revs and removing the MGU-H.

Ferrari and Mercedes have both put their future participation in the sport up for question, citing an unhappiness at the direction the changes would take F1 in but it is financial and sporting reasons which the French company are concerned about.

"We would like to avoid almost starting from scratch again," Abiteboul told Motorsport.com.

"If I look at the investment that has been made in the engine and the time that it is taking to get to a situation where the engine is not a handicap anymore for chassis people, frankly starting from scratch again is quite frightening."

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While those inside F1 are unhappy, potential newcomers have welcomed the proposals with Aston Martin and Cosworth considering a partnership and Porsche previously another name mentioned. 

Considering how the talks will continue, Abiteboul is confident that eventually, a solution will be found to suit all sides. The Frenchman did send a warning shot to F1 bosses, however, that the future structure of the sport must be made clearer.

"I feel everyone is willing to have constructive dialogue and get very quickly to a solution," he said. "Having said that, we are not going to commit to a new engine without knowing what F1 will look like in 2021." 

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