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Track limits a main topic as FIA officials meet in Geneva

Written by  Feb 11, 2018

The issue of policing track limits is high on the agenda as Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting leads a meeting of FIA officials in Geneva this weekend.

With the level of stewarding and decision making in certain situations always under scrutiny, particularly in F1, the Briton has called on fellow race directors and stewards to take a broader approach when dealing with important on-track matters such as track limits.

Last year incidents at a number of races took place but none more so than in Austin where Max Verstappen lost a podium he thought he had earned on the final lap after putting all four wheels across the inside of the track.

Responses ranged from a call for permanent stewards in a bid to ensure consistency to some criticising modern circuit design with run-off areas and wider kerbs leading to drivers looking for every advantage the can get.

“I think the most important thing about this seminar is to open everybody’s eyes to different ways of doing things,” Whiting was quoted by Crash.net.

“There is almost always more than one way to correctly do things right and the right course of action depends on many factors.

“There are not only series or championship-specific approaches that might be of benefit elsewhere but you also have people saying ‘that’s a good idea, we could use that in our series’.”

Previous methods to try and maintain track limits has seen stewards call on drivers to keep at least one wheel on the white line, sensors were used in Hungary and, more commonly in races, a three-strike policy at the corners where running wide is more prevalent.

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