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McLaren expecting some aerodynamic opportunities with Halo

Written by  Feb 13, 2018

McLaren chief of aerodynamics, Peter Prodromou, does think the Halo will offer opportunities for designers to exploit despite its limitations.

The controversial cockpit protection device is a standard part supplied to all teams for 2018 but the FIA has given some room for the addition of aerodynamic pieces to improve the look, with the British team offering the first example in the post-season test last year.

Given the location of the Halo on the car, it is also crucial designers find solutions to ensure optimal airflow into the engine and around the back of the car with the T-wings set to remain but lower down either side of the exhaust area.

“Aero wise it is certainly not penalty free and I think there is a challenge to cope with it in the first instance, let’s call it damage limitation,” Prodromou was quoted by PlanetF1.

“Thereafter I think it is about opportunity and exploitation and it does open up some avenues which are possibly interesting to look out."

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The former number two to Adrian Newey at Red Bull expects there to be unexpected areas for development thanks to the Halo but does concede it will likely only be a talking point early in the year. 

“The advantage is likely to be short-lived with the rest of the field catching up midway through the season,” Prodromou said. “I’d probably give it half a season and I imagine everyone will have converged, that would be my rough guess.”

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