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GPDA's Wurz hopes 2019 changes a first step towards end of DRS

Written by  May 07, 2018

Former Formula 1 driver and chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers Association, Alex Wurz, hopes tweak being made to the aero rules for 2019 will be a first step towards the end of DRS.

Last Monday, the FIA and Liberty Media got just enough support, albeit from only four teams, to put through changes that will see a wider, simpler front wing and a wider, deeper rear wing introduced in an effort to reduce the problem of dirty air preventing cars from running close together.

Though the alterations to the rear wing will actually enhance the effect of the DRS, a flap which opens to reduce drag and generate a higher top speed, to finally see attempts being made to allow closer racing pleases Wurz.

"It could be the starting point for a game-changer," the Austrian was quoted by F1i.com last week. "We are very happy that Liberty, with the FIA, have seen that we can’t continue going down the road of creating artificial overtaking with DRS.

"A natural overtaking manoeuvre that is purely and visibly down to the driver’s skill is what creates the biggest emotions for fans and drivers," he claimed

"If we can follow each other closely we are more likely to have old-school, authentic overtaking and that’s what the drivers would love to see and why this rule change is such good news."

The changes are the result of research undertaken by managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn in coordination with several teams to look at ways to generate more wheel-to-wheel racing with a broader, more sweeping change to the cars set for 2021.

Some have wondered whether the decision to change the wings for next year was a knee-jerk reaction to the poor race in Australia and even Wurz was caught off-guard by them getting the go-ahead.

"I was a bit surprised it went through," he admitted. "This is a change which can reshuffle the performance order, therefore I thought the teams that are in power would stop it in their own interest.

"But if it goes through it is a success for everyone pulling in the same direction and looking at the big picture."

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