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Perez disheartened by lack of driver influence in deciding F1 results

Written by  May 09, 2018

Sergio Perez admits the inability for a driver to be the deciding factor in Formula 1 races makes it an "unfair" sport in his view.

The Mexican has spoken more vigorously in recent weeks about his disappointment at still being mired as a midfield runner as he competes in his eighth season, yet does remain hopeful that he can get an opportunity at the front.

However, with only three teams where that possibility is present and those operations seemingly focusing more on drivers they have developed, that is what the 27-year-old rues more than anything.

“F1 is very unfair in that it depends less on the athlete than many other sports,” Perez told Marca ahead of the Spanish GP.

“It’s not like tennis for example, where it’s up to you. Even if you’re the best driver in the world you will not win if you don’t have the best car.

Despite having never had a true race-winning car, the Force India driver is still his country's most successful driver with his third place in Baku meaning he has the most podiums of any Mexican with 10.

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And he still concedes he is fortunate to be in motorsport's premier series.

"I do not feel frustrated because I am aware of how lucky I am and the great opportunity I have, and the great career I have had," 'Checo' claimed.

“Although I haven’t had a competitive car in my eight years in F1, I still know what I can do. It just depends on the cars I have in the coming years.”

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