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Alonso "privileged" to have enjoyed long F1 career despite regrets

Written by  Jun 09, 2018

Fernando Alonso believed he has been "privileged" to enjoy a long career in Formula 1 even if his level of success hasn't been what it could or should have been.

This weekend's Canadian GP marks the Spaniard's 300th Grand Prix weekend with 36 wins and two world titles to his name, but it is the disappointing stints at McLaren and Ferrari since 2007 that have come to characterise his legacy.

His ability as a top racing driver has never been doubted and nor has his own self-confidence and all that was on display as he commemorated the milestone in Montreal. 

“I am one of the best to have raced in F1,” Alonso said. “I am probably not the fastest driver in qualifying. I’m probably not the fastest driver in the race, or in wet conditions, but I am a 9.5 in all areas, and I try to benefit from that.

“There are some opportunities missing. I could have won four or five championships, but at the same time I feel extremely privileged to have had 18 years in F1," he stated.

“I have a lot of good memories. There have been a lot of ups and downs, but winning my two championships was definitely the high point.”

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The milestone comes as speculation mounts over his future and whether this could be his final year on the F1 grid.

A possible McLaren entry in IndyCar in 2019 is being touted alongside his WEC program with Toyota but the 36-year-old insists he enjoys F1, even if he doesn't like some aspects.

"I'm not bored," he said. "Formula 1 is the top class and we all dreamed of being here when we started in karting.

"The truth is that in recent years, the results have become predictable. Canada is only the seventh race of 21, but we know perfectly well what will happen in the next 14. That's sad for the sport.

"[But] last year I signed a multi-year contract," he added. "I know the team is considering many different options since the North American market is important for McLaren. Let's see how events will develop."

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