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Alonso happier to be considered an underachiever in F1

Written by  Jun 14, 2018

Fernando Alonso has claimed he would prefer to be remembered in Formula 1 as a driver who's success didn't match his talent rather than vice versa.

The Canadian GP called for a moment of reflection for the 36-year-old as he reached his 300th Grand Prix weekend in his 17-year career having won two world titles and 32 race wins.

However, those stats to many are very underwhelming for a driver still considered one of the best around with a stint now lasting five years since his last victory and attention seemingly shifting away to other projects such as competing at Le Mans this weekend and potentially switching to IndyCar in 2019.

“In a way, it’s better this way,” he was quoted by PlanetF1. “I would not be happy if I have many trophies at home and people think that I don’t deserve them. That would be even harder.

“Obviously we had some opportunities missed, especially the last three years, with McLaren-Honda, didn’t deliver the results we wanted.

“But I’m happy and I feel very privileged on everything we did so far."

The Spaniard also pointed out that at least he can rest knowing he achieved the ultimate prize in winning the F1 title, while other talented drivers have yet to achieve anything.

“There are drivers here that I race against that I see their talent and they have never been even on a podium," he said.

“I see my teammate now [Stoffel Vandoorne], I see Nico [Hulkenberg], I see Carlos [Sainz] – talented drivers.

“As I said, we missed some opportunities but I’m happy with the things we have done.”

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One man who definitely considers Alonso's time at the top in F1 to be over is 2016 champion Nico Rosberg, but the German believes Fernando only has himself to blame.

“We all want to see that (Alonso back at the front)," he told Sky Italia, "but nobody wants him because of his political games within the team."

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