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Hamilton: Liberty face "big job" to drag F1 out of the "Stone Age"

Written by  Jun 16, 2018

World champion Lewis Hamilton claims owners Liberty Media face a daunting task in bringing Formula 1 out of the "Stone Age" approach of Bernie Ecclestone.

The Briton is always ready to speak his mind on controversial issues, recently slamming the lack of female and racial equality in society, and has also delved into the murky waters of the sport's political scene.

His latest comments revolve around the modernisation that F1's new bosses are looking to undertake, comparing the current status to other major sports around the world.

“Really, F1 has been in the Stone Age compared to NFL and soccer and all big other sports, and we are trying to catch up, but it is a long process,” Hamilton was quoted by PlanetF1.

“It is a big job for Chase [Carey, F1 CEO] – he has only come in a couple of years ago, before the social media was not allowed in. Bernie [Ecclestone] said it was not important.”

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One thing that particularly surprised the Mercedes driver is how the fanbase is still seemingly so restricted in terms of its reach globally.

“It is crazy to think F1 is still so unknown in so many territories, yet it is global and on TV," he said. "There is more to be done but I think they’re [Liberty Media] doing the right steps.”

Carey has previously stated he is willing to listen to all ideas from those within the paddock as to how to improve the sport, but asked if the drivers should play a bigger part, Lewis' feelings were mixed.

“It has not ever been the case up until now, so I don’t anticipate it being the case in the future,” he added.

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