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Ferrari drivers among those skeptical of third DRS zone in Austria

Written by  Jun 29, 2018

Both Ferrari drivers were among those admitting some scepticism at the FIA's decision to include a third DRS zone at this weekend's Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring.

The track in Spielberg will be the third this season to feature a trio of zones, after Australia and Canada, but it is the location of the additional stretch that has some raising eyebrows.

Traditionally, the best overtaking spot at the circuit is into the tight Turn 3 at the top of the hill and for this year, the Drag Reduction System will be available on the straight that proceeds it.

However, it now means that for three consecutive straights the rear wing flap can be opened.

“I’m a bit puzzled on this,” Sebastian Vettel told reporters on Thursday.

“We’ve had in the past a race that is boring and it’s ‘F1 is a disaster’, we have a race where it’s exciting and it’s ‘Formula 1 is great and healthy and it’s never been [this] good' but I don’t know if it’s a solution to put DRS zones.

“I mean don’t get me wrong there’s maybe a lot of people that like the idea of Mario Kart including myself, I played it when I was young, then again I think it should get artificial.”

Teammate Kimi Raikkonen also wonders if the seemingly excessive number of zones will have an adverse effect, claiming "half the track" now has access to DRS.

“It should make [overtaking] pretty easy. I don’t know if it’s too easy or not," he commented. “Obviously we want overtaking but there must be a point where it’s kind-of artificial overtaking. But let’s see.”

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