New performance weight ruling suspended

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The Deutsche Motor Sport Bund (DMSB) will not apply the bulletin that was published immediately before the race in Moscow. The DMSB representatives in the DTM commission decided this on Saturday evening.

The bulletin included yet another adjustment of the performance weight ruling. However, the DMSB officials came to the conclusion, according to their own comments, that the modification wouldn’t bring the required result either.

The DMSB has announced to call a meeting of the so-called DTM commission that consists of representatives of the manufacturers, the ITR and the DMSB after the race weekend at Moscow Raceway to work together on a sustainable solution.

ITR chairman Gerhard Berger welcomes the step made by the DMSB: “The DMSB has made the only right decision in not applying its Bulletin 7. It was realised that the planned modifications wouldn’t have had the required effect."

"This acknowledgement shows true quality and has prevented further damage to be caused to the DTM in this discussion.”

Berger continues: “The discussions in the past few weeks have shown that there can be no satisfactory ruling for the performance weights. Meanwhile, this will have become clear to everyone involved.”

On several occasions, the former racing driver had already spoken out for the performance weights to be abandoned and therefore fully supports the view of DMSB president Hans-Joachim Stuck, who is also for abandoning the result-based additional weights. “We have to ensure quickly that the great racing that the DTM provides comes into the limelight again.”

Accordingly, there are no changes to the allocation of the performance weights prior to the second race at Moscow Raceway. On Sunday, Audi is racing again with 1,117.5 kg, BMW with 1,122.5 kg and Mercedes-AMG with 1,127.5 kg.