Rosberg wants Abu Dhabi showdown between Vettel & Hamilton

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Current Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg is hoping this year's title fight between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton goes all the way to Abu Dhabi in November.

The German had two championship showdowns with Hamilton at Mercedes at Yas Marina, including last year's controversial season finale that saw him come out on top before shocking the world by announcing his retirement five days later.

This year's battle between the two most successful drivers of their generation has also shown plenty of potential to go all the way with the widest gap seen so far at 25 points in Vettel's favour after Monaco and currently sitting 20 points with 11 races to go.

The first of those comes this weekend, with the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, and having been unable to beat the three-time world champion at his home race the past three years, Rosberg knows the home favourite will be hard to beat again.

“Lewis is a fantastic driver and it is awesome to see how many people are supporting him but I am surprised to see so many Vettel fans here. Fair play to all of you,” he said addressing fans at the first 'F1 Live' event in London on Wednesday. “May the better one win this weekend.

“I'm standing here completely neutral, there is no Mercedes hat on, I know how awesome Mercedes is and how awesome Lewis is at Silverstone so I would put my money on him this weekend.

“Sebastian has been doing a great job but I know how awesome Mercedes is and I think they are going to make it happen. Valtteri has come right back into it and is doing a great job. As a spectator and a fan lets hope it goes down to the final round and it is decided there, that would be the best.”
For those who followed Rosberg after receiving the world championship trophy last year, they will know it was never far out of sight for the 31-year-old.
Yet he did reveal on Wednesday that the silverware was recently misplaced as he travelled to the Goodwood Festival of Speed two weeks ago.
"I've had a massive scare because we sent it [the drivers' trophy] off to Goodwood recently – with super-high security – and it got lost," he said.

"It was gone for five days it was lost in the post!

"I had some restless days, but now it's back."