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FIA to address Haas/Ferrari-style 'alliances' amid rivals concerns

Written by  Sep 05, 2018

The FIA has confirmed they will look into ways that kerb the growing number of "alliances" being formed between manufacturers and smaller Formula 1 teams.

Since Haas joined the grid in 2016 thanks to a close technical partnership with Ferrari, the topic has become more prevalent and particularly this year as their competitiveness has vastly improved, leading to claims they are essentially a 'B-team'.

During the summer break, McLaren, Renault and Williams intervened in efforts to help Force India out of administration, voicing their concerns over a growing Mercedes influence at the Silverstone-based squad.

"I’m very concerned," McLaren CEO Zak Brown said. "I think that’s exactly what would happen if the FIA and F1 don’t get involved, as you’ll ultimately see the big teams working more closely with the small teams to figure out a different way to spend their money.

"That needs to be addressed and I’m glad that the FIA and F1 are well aware that that’s the direction the sport would head if they don’t do something about it.

"We were given assurances that B-teams are going to be dealt with because it’s ultimately getting away from what we believe Formula 1 is: everyone being a constructor, then you buy power units, and now it’s just going to the extreme and that needs to be unwound from the future of F1," he concluded.

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Race director Charlie Whiting responded to the concerns, insisting some measures have already been taken and more will be coming as the governing body investigate.

"It’s something that we should be concerned about and it’s something we will be discussing," he said.

"The [Haas/Ferrari] relationship started it. We knew exactly how that was possible in the beginning, and there was a loophole which has been closed to new entrants, which is what [Haas] was able to do, a lot more work than a current team, before they were established as a proper entrant.

"But the sort of things we’re hearing about are alliances between existing teams. I think that needs to be looked at very carefully."

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