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Vietnam to be confirmed on 2020 Formula 1 calendar 'soon'

Written by  Oct 08, 2018

Efforts for a Formula 1 race in Vietnam are set to come to fruition with a 2020 Grand Prix in Hanoi 'soon' to be announced.

The Asian country has been pushing for a place on the F1 calendar for some time and negotiations picked up when Liberty Media took over completely in 2017 after being dropped by Bernie Ecclestone.

Filing a place vacated by the Malaysian GP, many will likely be sceptical of the idea for another street race in a country that lacks a motorsport history but FIA race director Charlie Whiting offered more details after a visit last week.

"There is no actual progress at building the track, but the site has been identified," he said.

"It is in the advanced stages of design and I think, as far as I am aware, they are aiming for a 2020 Grand Prix. That shouldn’t be a problem based on previous experience."

Related image

Offering an insight into the initial concept, it appears the Hanoi circuit could have similarities to Singapore and Adelaide.

"It is mainly on the streets, but there is a section that is not yet built," he explained. "That is an open site where the pit buildings are going to be built. Part of the track will be built there, which doesn’t exist at the moment. But it will become a road after that."

After for the commercial deal, Liberty Media could reportedly announce the inclusion as soon as November and Vietnam could be one of two new races added for the decade with Miami's race delayed as efforts to appease unhappy local residents continue.

It's also thought the race will not be a direct replacement for an outgoing Grand Prix with a 23-round schedule being touted for 2020.

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