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Hamilton calls for 'dynamic' F1 weekends to stop fans 'falling asleep'

Written by  Oct 13, 2018

Lewis Hamilton has called on Formula 1 bosses to be more "dynamic" with Grand Prix weekend formats warning the current rigid format causes fans to fall asleep.

Liberty Media has been touting possible changes with a move to a four-part qualifying system discussed but shelved until 2020 and an extension to the points system also rejected for now.

Previously, ideas to reduce the amount of practice, introduce a qualifying race and shorten the current Sunday Grand Prix have been suggested from 2021 but the Mercedes driver doesn't want the sport to go from one single format to another.

“I think one of the biggest changes that needs to be made is that at the moment it is the same four days, every weekend, for 21 weekends every single year pretty much,” Hamilton said.

“I think it needs to be dynamic. It needs to be different for certain circuits so you have a ‘super weekend’. There are some tracks where the race is so boring.

“I remember growing up watching and falling asleep after the start. I am sure there are people who fall asleep after the start and wake up when they set their alarms for the end.

“I used to do it when I was younger, and there were some tracks that kept you on the edge of your seat like I imagine Baku this year.”

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Also being researched and discussed are changes to the cars to make them more raceable, but Hamilton thinks there could be ways of keeping the current designs while improving the show.

“I think it is more exciting this year, being in these cars is the best it has ever been,” the championship leader said.

“But I am sure there are still dull races. So picking those ones out and saying, how can we make it different for that race?

“Whether it is reverse grid or whatever we end up doing, they should look into doing that.”

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