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Verstappen concerned 2019 wing changes will only make F1 cars 'uglier'

Written by  Oct 17, 2018

Max Verstappen has reservations of the new front wing design for 2019 and fears the only effect they'll have is to make Formula 1 cars "uglier".

In an effort to improve overtaking, both the front and rear wings are to be simplified and widened to reduce the impact of turbulent air with the front wing losing many of the small elements they feature today and will be the same width as the entire car.

A first look at the new design came in August when Williams and Force India trialled them at the Hungary test but the Red Bull driver doesn't think the changes will have much impact.

“It might help a little bit,” Verstappen told his official website, “but what I’m already reading is that next year we’ll have about the same downforce as this year, so I think that the benefit will be limited.

“It only looks somewhat uglier, but maybe the design will be refined before the next season.”

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More attention is on the work being done for 2021 with three concepts put forward by Liberty motorsport boss Ross Brawn last month all aimed at making the cars much easier to follow and race with.

“If it is still good to drive and overtaking will improve, I can agree with it, even though the car looks very futuristic,” Verstappen commented.

“It also depends on how much downforce we lose with the new regulations.”

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