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Pirelli reveal 2019 tyre colours amid change in system

Written by  Oct 20, 2018

Pirelli has confirmed which colours will be used to designate the individual compounds as part of an overhaul in the identification system for 2019.

Gone will be names like Ultra and Hypersoft and instead, just the three, Soft, Medium and Hard, will be used in an effort to simplify and make it easier for fans to identify the three tyre choices.

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The three colours to watch out for next year will be, a red stripe for Soft, a yellow stripe for Medium and white stripe for the Hard.

“We wanted to eliminate the rainbow as we had too many colours – so we wanted to have just three,” Pirelli's motorsport boss Mario Isola said in Austin.

The Italian supplier will still produce five or six different compounds to suit the 21 different circuits that F1 will race at in 2019, and the information of which tyres are being used is to be made available.

Isola revealed discussions are still taking place to decide whether a number of letter system will be used but in the case of the former...

“So if we are going to homologate five compounds, there will be one, two, three, four, five, and we give you the information in advance, so you know that for this race the Hard is number two, the Medium is three, the Soft is four," he explained.

“So, you can compare at different circuits. But for spectators there will be three colours.

“We will give the information to everybody in advance, because teams have to make their choice, their selection, but they are not on the sidewalls. It is not really necessary to have a number or identification [on the tyre].”

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