Alonso keen to stay in F1 with third title still a priority

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Fernando Alonso has insisted his desire to remain in Formula 1 after this year, with a third world title still his main priority.

The future of the double world champion has been the talk of the F1 world lately, especially after terrible seasons with an under-performing McLaren-Honda team and following his Indy 500 appearance last weekend.

Alonso, who skipped the Monaco Grand Prix to go to Indianapolis, hasn't hidden his anger, criticising the car’s power unit performance at several occasions. With the challenge at all races so far just to get his car to the finish line and points if possible, it has raised suspicions concerning his F1 future.

“My first priority is F1 and to win my third world championship,” Alonso admitted when he spoke with The Mail on Sunday. “My second priority was to enjoy the experience of Indy 500, and I managed to do that.

“I’m happy [in F1] but for one thing. The only thing missing is being competitive. It is all you can ask for as a driver and it is frustrating when you do not have that.”

Alonso, who joined McLaren after the team joined forces with Japanese engine supplier Honda in 2014, has been criticised for his previous decisions to change teams with a disappointing spell at Ferrari before the British team left him far from competing for the title.

“I made each move from one team to another because I felt it was right in my heart," Alonso added. 'If you go back 17 or 18 years, I was travelling in my dad’s van to go-kart races in Italy. I could have been working in a supermarket at home in Oviedo. And now I come to America and the people follow me everywhere.”

“I don’t agree with [those who say] ‘what a shame. Alonso should have done this or that.’ I have won 97 podiums and two titles. I think I’m doing OK.”

With Alonso’s clear goal to be competitive once again at the front of the field, what will Alonso’s next move be?