Next races to determine Red Bull's season - Horner

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner believes the next three races will be crucial in determining the success of the team's season.

After capitalising on retirements to claim a podium in Spain, Daniel Ricciardo followed that up with another in Monaco, as Red Bull enjoyed their most competitive form of the year to date.

However, the next three tracks on the calendar are much more power sensitive, meaning the deficiencies of the Renault engine again likely to hamper the RB13's competitiveness.

Looking back to the success in Monte Carlo, Horner claimed: "I think we are understanding the car better and developing the car better with better performance out of the car. That has worked to good effect on this circuit.

"I am a little worried for two weeks and four weeks time in Canada and Baku because there are completely different challenges. The next three circuits are actually really tough for us. Canada, Baku and Austria they are going to be our biggest challenges on the calendar bar Monza."

Indeed, so influential are the straights in Montreal and the streets of Azerbaijan's capital, the need to setup a car for top speed is only surpassed by Monza and, as Horner added: "If we can perform OK at those next three venues, then what is in the pipeline coming further in the season I think the second half of the season can be stronger than the first half."

Valtteri Bottas spent his Sunday in Monte Carlo fighting with both Red Bull's, though Ricciardo used strategy to get ahead of the Mercedes driver he was able to keep Max Verstappen behind him.

Giving his outlook on their potential threat in the coming race, the Finn said: "I reckon for now it's just Monaco because it's such a unique track.

"It's all about downforce and mechanical grip, and having a good car over the bumps and change of direction. Canada is very different, it's full of medium-speed corners and chicanes.

"I think they are going to be competitive sooner or later. They are a strong team and they can make very quick cars, so we should not underestimate them. But I reckon Canada will be a bit more tricky for them.”