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Zandvoort reportedly offered 2020 Dutch GP, Assen responds

Written by  Nov 04, 2018

There are conflicting messages coming from the two circuits battling to bring the Dutch Grand Prix back to the Formula 1 calendar.

On Friday, it was reported by newspaper De Telegraaf that Liberty Media had offered Zandvoort, who last hosted a race back in 1985, the opportunity to organise a race based on their previous history.

"If we sign now, the Netherlands will have a Grand Prix again in 2020," said circuit owner Prince Bernhard van Oranje said. "With Max Verstappen, everyone is well aware that this is a unique opportunity."

The same day, however, rival venue Assen hit back dismissing the claims.

"There are a few crazy things, no one talks about it except De Telegraaf and Zandvoort itself," chairman Jos Vaessen of The Netherlands Grand Prix Foundation told local media.

"For the rest, no mention is made of the offer that Zandvoort would have received. Even we ourselves have not heard anything from the Formula One Management in London until now, while the contacts so far have been very good. You would expect us to be informed if a final decision has been made."

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Vaessen also insists Assen is the better choice to welcome F1 back to Holland in two years time given the comparatively small amount of development that would be needed compared to Zandvoort. 

"We know the numbers that come back in the news. The fee of 20 million Euros and the spin-off over five years of 80 million. That is nothing new," he said. 

"The latest reports we have had from FOM have the assurance that we should not become nervous and that they come to Assen as soon as possible to subject the facilities to a closer inspection. We still work from that.

"We have a great accommodation ready, the riders' quarter is big enough and the infrastructure was put in order a few years ago by the government to organize events of this size. History is the only argument we can think of why the choice would otherwise fall out. We hope to get in touch with the FOM as soon as possible."

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