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F1 CEO Carey does see path for new manufacturer entries

Written by  Nov 14, 2018

Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey does think a path is being created for new manufacturers to join the grid even if engine regulations are expected to be unchanged in 2021.

Attempts to adjust the current V6 turbo hybrid formula have been put on hold with companies like Aston Martin, Porsche and Lamborghini all ruling out returns despite being involved in talks.

Instead, maintaining the current four, Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda by not implementing changes is the current focus, although the Liberty chief does think there is potential for future additions.

“The intent of this [the 2021 regulations] was not just to develop a path for existing [entrants] but develop a path we think is enticing and interesting for new [entrants]," he explained.

“We clearly have technology that is miles beyond anything else out there at any level. The efficiency of these engines, you know one of the things that hasn’t been told well enough is the hybrid engine that came out a few years ago… the incredible performance it gets today with a much more fuel efficient basis than prior engines.

“We wanted to continue to make sure we had a hybrid engine that was road relevant today, but at the top of the pyramid in terms of technology that in many ways is at the forefront of what’s going on in the world.

“Part of that is what attracts the right new engine manufacturers into it as well. I do think [with] the path we’re on, we have had some discussions with potential new entrants, we're encouraged.

“I think there’s broad agreement the path we’ve landed on for going forward is the right path for everybody, again existing and new.”

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With the performance gap also closing between the current four manufacturers, particularly with Ferrari and Honda making significant gains, that was another aspect that Liberty took into consideration.

“What we really came to an agreement with [was that] everyone got persuaded by the stabilising [of the regulations],” Carey said.

“When you have a new engine it’s [a case of] everybody starts over and there’s always unintended consequences out of a new engine."

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