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FIA has the power to introduce 2021 F1 rules without team consent

Written by  Nov 27, 2018

The FIA does have the ability to introduce new regulations into Formula 1 in 2021 without the agreement from teams, it has been confirmed.

Currently, the governing body, owners Liberty Media, teams and other stakeholders are locked in talks to shape a new set to rules as part of a new Concorde Agreement which would come into effect in just over two years time.

While that is not in place, however, it gives the FIA free reign without the backing of the various groups which currently decide the regulations as is the case with the new 18-inch wheels which are being introduced.

“That’s part of the regulation package for 2021,” race director Charlie Whiting told RaceFans. “It doesn’t have to go through the Formula One commission because it’s for 2021.”

Asked if that meant the FIA had freedom on all regulations with a new car, tweaks to the weekend format and a budget cap among ideas being discussed but yet to be agreed.

“We have – there’s no need for regulations to go through the Strategy Group because that governance expires. We don’t have a new one yet,” Whiting replied.

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Continuing the point on the 18-inch rims he added: "It’s part of the package that we are putting together with FOM [Liberty].

“The separate matter of whether or not it needs to go to the F1 Commission, it doesn’t, strictly speaking, because there is no government beyond 2020. There probably will be an F1 Commission but it might be a different one.”

Currently, all proposed rule changes would only have to go through the FIA's World Motor Sport Council.

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