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Ferrari admit possible benefits but want best 'solution' for F1 on Brexit

Written by  Dec 04, 2018

Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene admits the ongoing Brexit situation could bring benefits to the Italian team but is hoping a solution is found for Formula 1.

As the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union next year, new rules on trade and migration could have a major impact on the sport with seven of the 10 teams all having bases there.

Ferrari and Toro Rosso are two exceptions with their factories in Italy while Sauber is in Switzerland and Haas have some operations in America, both countries that of course are not members of the EU.

Even so, given the huge role the UK has in F1, it's no surprise teams are keeping an eye on the political situation.

"Our motorsport division, call it 1800 people, has a large percentage of EU citizens working for the team," Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff explained.

"So, it is a factor for us, as I mentioned the EU citizens working for us, we are importing lots of goods from the EU, we have taken steps to make sure they are not stuck on the border. Overall, not a very pleasant development."

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Renault has the added problem of two facilities either side of the Channel, the F1 team based at Enstone and the engine factory at Viry.

"Obviously we don't want logistics or freight to be delayed in any shape or form, as well as people," managing director Cyril Abiteboul commented.

"We've [improved] very quickly in the recent years and it's been done in particular thanks to the possibilities offered by the UK, bringing in youngsters, people are coming out from school, we don't want that to change."

Red Bull boss Christian Horner joined many Brits in admitting boredom at the whole Brexit situation and even compared Prime Minister Theresa May's predicament to F1 CEO Chase Carey.

On a serious note though, he added: "The bottom line is that people will continue to do business with the UK if we're competitive and remain good at what we do.

"Formula 1 is something that the UK has excelled at in recent years and it's no coincidence that four of the teams sitting here are based all in the UK."

As for Arrivabene, he admitted a hope that the whole Brexit scenario would end in a straightforward way.

“Of course, the situation is not ideal for F1 so I have [faith] that they will be able, the proper authority, they will be able to find a solution,” he said.

“If I’m looking at the situation from the Ferrari perspective, if everything is going in the direction that is announced at the moment, I suspect that in the near future we will find a lot of people that they’re knocking on the door of Maranello," Maurizio admitted.

“But it’s not really the best scenario, talking about the overall F1, so I hope they find a solution, not only for F1 but in general that could accommodate any kind of historical cooperation and is going to look forward for the future and think about the best development for all of us."

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