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Webber warns Ricciardo: Red Bull could be 'special' while Renault want 'decreases'

Written by  Dec 27, 2018

Mark Webber has pointed to Renault's request for financial changes in Formula 1 to once again raise concerns over Daniel Ricciardo's move for 2019.

The Australian clearly isn't convinced by his countryman's decision to leave the Milton Keynes outfit after five seasons and join the French manufacturer which is looking to rekindle their success after relaunching their works team in 2016.

Indeed, while Ricciardo claims that it was a move he had to make for his career, Webber maintains that most expected him to remain at Red Bull for another year at least.

"I think we're all a bit concerned about it [his move to Renault]," he was quoted by F1i.com.

"The people in the industry would have liked him to [stay]. I'm still reasonably close to Red Bull, I've had the odd dinner with Daniel, he knows where my position is on this – it hasn't changed.

"I would have loved him to stay at Red Bull."

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Uncertainty mid-summer of Red Bull-Honda's potential was thought to be a major factor in Ricciardo's decision and many, including Webber, do expect next year to be a building year for that relationship.

"But by 2020, I think they could be a very special outfit to be with again," he claimed. "To get the results that Red Bull are going to get next year is going to be challenging for him [Ricciardo] to say the least.

"Renault wants budget caps, headcount caps, they want all sort of decreases in salaries across the board to get the parity of the sport up there.

"I think when you've just arrived there as a driver, and you have a team that's giving that sort of position, that's a concern."

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