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Verstappen: The three words Ocon said after I pushed him in Brazil

Written by  Dec 30, 2018

Max Verstappen has finally revealed what was said between himself and Esteban Ocon in their post-race confrontation in Brazil.

The Frenchman had cost the Red Bull driver victory at Interlagos after they collided through the Senna S while Ocon tried to unlap himself against the Dutchman.

Afterwards, the two youngsters came face-to-face in the weighing area in Parc Ferme with Verstappen pushing Ocon before being escorted out to the podium.

"It was not even the emotions, I thought it was a very calm reaction on my part," he said of his decision to find Ocon.

"I was told by a lot of people that I should have hit him in his face and I could just as easily have hit him, but I did not do that. 

"For myself, I was super calm, but I wanted to know his side of the story, like: 'What did you do?'"

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It was what the 22-year-old did upon seeing Verstappen that caused his response, however.

"He started to laugh at me a little and if you just lost that race, I think that is a very inappropriate reaction," he claimed.

"So I pushed him, saying: 'What are you doing?' He immediately started shouting: 'Get the cameras'. And he said: 'Push me, then. Push me'. 

"I do not care about the cameras. I think that is a very normal reaction."

Verstappen would be given two days public service for the altercation which he is expected to serve before May.

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