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Jean-Eric Vergne offers his prediction on a future F1 & Formula E merger

Written by  Jan 04, 2019

Current Formula E world champion Jean-Eric Vergne does see the possibility for a future merger between the all-electric series and Formula 1.

Now in its fifth season, Formula E has quickly become a destination of choice for carmakers with names like Audi, Nissan, BMW and Jaguar currently taking part with Porsche and Mercedes joining from Season 6.

With the continued rapid development of electric vehicles, Vergne does see a time when F1 will have to consider the prospect of working with Formula E.

“In the future, 2030 or something like that, there will only be electric cars or cars with new technology, we will not be running petrol or gasoline engines and the like," he told RaceFans at the FIA Gala.

“Formula 1 will have to completely change its mentality in the field of electricity, but again, it’s not up to me to decide, F1 is F1 and I think it will always be F1.

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“It’s the most important series in motorsport history and I always think that will be the case, but Formula E is a bit different and in my opinion, it does not compete with F1," the Frenchman noted.

"I sometimes hear that the two classes might fuse one day, which I would like to have, as you keep on doing the best of the Formula 1 and the Formula E. That would be nice.”

With more F1 drivers and figures showing interest in Formula E, while right now it would be like "merging Renault Clio Cup with NASCAR", as one RaceFans commenter put it, perhaps some point in the not-too-distant future the world may end up enjoying 'Formula on-E'.

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