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Nico Rosberg names one quality Hamilton lacks versus Vettel

Written by  Jan 10, 2019

Nico Rosberg has identified the one area he believes Lewis Hamilton still doesn't compete in compared to Sebastian Vettel.

The German continues to keep an eye on Formula 1, two years after retiring as world champion in 2016 and has offered some insight as a pundit on TV.

He has also shared his views on the rivalry that has developed between Hamilton & Vettel over the past couple of seasons and while it has been the Briton that has been victorious on both occasions, Rosberg thinks his former teammate still has one flaw.

"Vettel is superior in terms of dedication to work, he works closely with the engineers," he told Italy's Autosprint. "It is a devotion that Hamilton does not have."

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Interestingly, while that may have been true during Nico's time at Mercedes, Lewis has worked hard on forming a greater relationship with his team, though it still likely isn't to the level of Seb and the Scuderia.

And certainly, it hasn't stopped the 34-year-old from achieving success but Rosberg does see similarities between Vettel's failings in 2018 and his own.

"I do not know exactly what happened to him but this is sport, and sometimes it seems everything is going in the right direction, then you just need one mistake to bring you down, you lose confidence and everything goes wrong," he explained.

"The same thing happened to me against Hamilton in 2015.

"With Lewis, I needed to change my attitude, I decided that I had to be the one to lead the game. Lewis always tends to impose his rules but I took control so as not to allow him to find the motivation and I won."

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