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Hockenheim & Monza proved 'things weren't right' at Ferrari under Arrivabene

Written by  Jan 11, 2019

The events that took place at the German & Italian Grand Prix's proved "things weren't right" at Ferrari under Maurizio Arrivabene.

That is according to former Formula 1 driver turned Sky Sports pundit Martin Brundle as he gave his view on the Scuderia's decision to replace the Italian with technical director Mattia Binotto this week.

At both races, Sebastian Vettel committed key errors which heavily swung the championship in Lewis Hamilton's favour, but with better management, Brundle believes they could have been avoided.

"You don't know what you don't know if you're not inside an organisation, but I did observe it and see that things weren't right," he said at the start of the Autosport International show in Birmingham.

"You look at situations like Hockenheim, where Vettel was put under pressure because they didn't do the right things earlier on in the race, then he fell off the road and he fell out of the championship from that moment onwards.

"You look at other things like the slipstreaming in Monza [where Kimi Raikkonen claimed pole after running behind Vettel in qualifying], certain things weren't being done."

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As for what he expects from Ferrari under Binotto's leadership, Brundle does think he'll lay a stronger foundation for the drivers to push from.

"I do know from people like Ross Brawn and others who have worked with him, he is most highly regarded," he commented.

"I think he'll get the car and the engine to where it needs to be and the rest of it should be easy if Vettel and Leclerc are doing their jobs."

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