Toto Wolff slams 2019 F1 rule changes as trying to 'damage' Mercedes

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Motorsport boss Toto Wolff has bizarrely criticised Formula 1's rule changes for 2019 as the latest attempt to end Mercedes' dominance.

This season will see the introduction of new wings and other aerodynamic tweaks with the aim of allowing cars to follow more closely and encourage more overtaking on track.

Ironically, it was the decision of Mercedes and Ferrari to support the changes that meant they passed a vote of the F1 Commission last year, yet now Wolff is seemingly talking a different tune.

"The air is becoming thinner," he was quoted by referring to his team's position at the top. "When a team dominates, the rules are always changed to damage this team. It can be called almost embarrassing.

"With the aerodynamic rule change for 2019, they try to change the ranking in F1. We have seen this in the past with Ferrari and of course with Red Bull. We must remain motivated and set the right goals."

Mercedes may well be fearing a repeat of 2017, when Ferrari capitalised on the overhaul in car design to close the gap to the German manufacturer, as Red Bull threaten to make it a three-way fight at the front.

Either way: "Our task becomes more difficult every year," Wolff declared.

"We set a benchmark, but this motivates our opponents. We have to acknowledge how strong the competition is and recognize that we could lose the world championship this year."

2019 sees Mercedes bid for a sixth straight double championship success and they will reveal their new car, the W10, on Wednesday.