Williams: Midfield teams buying in parts hurts 'true constructors' like us

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Williams believe the increase in midfield teams buying in parts from manufacturers has contributed to their recent lack of competitiveness.

Last year, a poor car left the historic British outfit bottom of the Constructors' Championship, however, at the same time, Haas and Sauber, two teams closely aligned with Ferrari, made strong gains compared to 2017.

Haas, in particular, have been targeted for maximising their technical partnership with the Scuderia even if Williams accept the American team is doing nothing wrong.

“It’s not easy currently with the way the regulations are for truly independent constructors to compete," deputy team boss Claire Williams told Autosport.

“That probably was one of the reasons we slipped back to P10 last year, based on the work going on between certain teams. However, that falls within the existing regulations."

Efforts are underway to try and limit the number of parts that can be bought in by teams, with fears the relationships with smaller teams are also handing greater political power to the manufacturers.

"We’re so supportive of the work the FIA and FOM are doing at the moment is in order to rebuild the parts list, we’re very much advocates of that," Williams continued.

“We know that will change the landscape of F1 in 2021 and beyond to enable teams like our teams.

“We’re incredibly proud of the fact we’re true constructors in the sense we make all of our race cars in-house ourselves. Personally, that’s the DNA of F1," she added.

"It shouldn’t be diluted by a diluted listed parts list. I’m very much looking forward to that change coming on board.”