F1 drivers waiting as helmet suppliers rush to meet 2019 safety standards

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At least one major supplier of helmets in Formula 1 will not meet new safety standards ahead of pre-season testing next week, it is claimed.

2019 sees the FIA introduce a new specification of helmet, called the 8860-2018, which was developed in conjunction with all four current suppliers, Stilo, Bell Racing, Schuberth and Arai.

However, according to Motorsport.com, Arai has only completed part of the governing body's homologation test and will not be ready in time for February 18, the date F1 testing gets underway.

Indeed, while all four suppliers are confident of being ready for the start of the new season, only Stilo is believed to be fully in compliance with the new standard to this point.

A slightly less strict safety requirement for testing may avoid a situation of drivers having to use alternative helmet suppliers, while Arai also issued a comment confirming the current situation.

“The prototype of the new model has been supplied," they said. “It is not yet officially homologated, but our in-house tests assure the product quality.”