Aston Martin confirm hiring ex-Ferrari employees amid 2021 engine talk

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Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has confirmed the British luxury carmaker has hired a number of former Ferrari employees as he continues to weigh up whether to enter as an engine supplier from 2021.

Recently, it was announced Aston would be increasing their role within the Red Bull team moving up from a partner to become the main title sponsor from next season. Also, following McLaren's engine deal with Renault, it was speculated whether the French manufacturer would end their supply to the Milton Keynes-based outfit after 2018.

Though there is no chance of the famous brand making an engine before 2021, Palmer is sure that should circumstances allow, Aston would be able to join the grid and perhaps become more than just a partner.

"I’m sure we have the technical capability,” he told "Some of the people I have recently recruited, coming in from Ferrari, means I have the brainpower to be able to develop an F1 engine.

"The question will be whether the cap on the expense of doing that is affordable to a company like Aston, that’s the big difference between a small company like Aston and the big boys like Renault or Mercedes Benz."

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Per recent reports, the details of the 2021 engine could be revealed as early as October 31 with a twin-turbo V6 plus KERS the initial proposal apparently suggested. Talks have continued with no further details emerging but there is interest from other names such as Porsche and Cosworth.

Cost control measures could also be coming with talk of a first-stage budget cap coming in from 2019, it is uncertain whether that would stretch to engine suppliers, however.