Honda: FIA better placed to prevent 'grey areas' in F1 engine rules

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Honda believes the FIA is in a better position to clamp down on "grey areas" within Formula 1's engine regulations.

Since their inception in 2014, the current V6 hybrid power units have seen great advances made in efficiency and performance with the 1000 horsepower mark again thought to be within reach.

However, such is their complexity, the Japanese manufacturer, who returned to F1 as a supplier in 2015, believes it is allowing some to gain and maintain their advantage.

“Everyone was really keen to exploit the grey areas, especially Ferrari and Mercedes," Honda motorsport boss Masashi Yamamoto told Autosport.

“We were the ones who came in the later time, so we were behind from the point of view of knowledge and understanding. So, what Honda thinks is we want to burn all of those grey areas.

“We want them to stop – no grey areas is our hope.”

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While the Honda chief admits grey areas are inevitable because of how different engineers interpret the regulations, he does think the governing body is more capable of policing the situation.

"We cannot help having grey areas, but in terms of F1, we know we’ve got so many specialists inside the FIA, we think they can make better regulations to not have grey areas," Yamamoto claimed.

“They can do a better job than now.”