Alonso claims Hamilton a more logical four-time F1 champion than Vettel

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Fernando Alonso has suggested the thought of former McLaren teammate Lewis Hamilton becoming a four-time Formula 1 world champion makes "more logic" than it does current quadruple title winner Sebastian Vettel.

The Spaniard has never really felt the German was worthy of his status believing his success was due to a superior Red Bull car rather than his talent and perhaps also held a personal grudge against the 30-year-old as two of his championships came at the expense of Alonso, who has been stuck on two titles since 2006.

Indeed, before making his later comments about Hamilton, Fernando was asked if he had any disappointment at seeing another year go by without a chance at challenging for a third.

"No, not really. You don't have any special feelings when you are not fighting," he told Channel 4. "I think when I was fighting for the championship you see Sebastian winning, maybe it is hurting sometimes because maybe you feel that you deserve it more or you had this possibility here and there. When you are not in contention I think it is not a big thing. It's not your battle."

This weekend the now Mercedes driver will indeed secure his fourth championship should he finish fifth or better in Mexico, which after five victories in the last six races would make his task appear rather easy.

Commenting on his thoughts about Hamilton reaching the same total as the Ferrari driver, Alonso said: "In a way, I am happy that Lewis gets this fourth title. It's strange to see four Vettel and three for Hamilton, now there is much more logic."

That would lead to whether the 36-year-old was suggesting his once arch rival was the better of the two most successful drivers of the current era.

"I think Lewis has had a better racing career," he replied.

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Another driver praising Hamilton is Felipe Massa, the man the Briton beat to claim his first championship in 2008.

"Lewis is definitely one of the best drivers in the history of F1," the 37-year-old told Sky Sports. "You cannot really take him away or [put him] on a different level compared to Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna. He's there.

"All the time you see Lewis in the car he was impressive. He impressed the people in whatever category he did. It was the same with Senna. It was the same with Schumacher."

Yet the Brazilian thinks it will take time for one of F1's most divisive figures to get the recognition he deserves.

"The problem is people always love to look back and say in the past it was much better than now, which is not true,” he claimed.