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WorldSBK to introduce independent teams and riders in 2018

Written by  Feb 23, 2018

WorldSBK announced the introduction of Independent Teams and riders into the series for 2018.

Bringing yet another dynamic spin to the world renowned WorldSBK Championship, this season will see the integration of the independent teams with the support of Pirelli, as eight permanent teams will compete for the honours, whilst wild card and one event teams will also be added to the fight.

In a similar way to the European Supersport Cup, there will be a second classification introduced – with riders and teams battling to be crowned Best Independent Team and Best Independent Rider - but the points used will be the same as scored in the race. With plenty up for grabs, the new initiative will only make the class more competitive, unique and exhilarating.

Present also in Parc Ferme, there will be further coverage and exposure for the independent teams, which in turn will create more interest and excitement throughout the full field. Set to add another dimension to the already adrenaline fuelled series, independent teams will be popular amongst fans and riders alike.

“We believe it’s fair to help and award the teams and riders taking part in the Championship as independents,” said Pirelli Moto Racing Director Giorgio Barbier. “They are not officially supported by the manufacturers but still in some cases they are able to fight for the Top 10 with the strongest riders giving their contribution to the show on track."

"For that reason, Pirelli decided to offer prize money to the best independent rider of each WorldSBK race, and a relevant money prize to the best independent rider of the final Championship standings”. 

Gregorio Lavilla, WorldSBK Sporting Director looks forward to the new addition to the championship: “In terms of the sporting element of WorldSBK, independent teams will bring in more parity and excitement into the racing action."

"By adding an additional honour to fight for, there will no doubt be even more passion and desire throughout the class. Pirelli’s unrelenting support of the championship will help to ensure the world's fastest production-based motorcycle series will continue to produce a high quality of racing."

source: worldsbk.com

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