WorldSSP300: Dominant Garcia beat De Cancellis and Diaz to Race 1 victory

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The Spanish rider battled his way up from 11th on the grid to take a stunning win with a 10.984s advantage.

Race 1 highlights - WorldSSP300

P1 – Marc Garcia (Yamaha MS Racing)

Garcia took the win by 10.984s over De Cancellis. This is the second all-time bigger gap between winner and runner-up.

Race 1 win was Garcia’s seventh victory in the category. He equals the all-time record of WorldSSP300 wins, held by Ana Carrasco and Jeffrey Buis.

He narrowed the gap to Championship leader Diaz to 11 points.

"It’s been an amazing day. I started from 11th position. At the beginning, the conditions were a little bit difficult because it started to rain. I tried to be focused on my pace. It’s a new track for me and it’s amazing to win today. Today is an important win for the Championship to try to close the gap to Diaz.”

P2 – Hugo De Cancellis (Prodina Racing WorldSSP300)

Having started from 15th on the grid, De Cancellis claimed second place.

He scored his sixth WorldSSP300 podium.

He now stands in fifth place in the Championship standings with 93 points.

“The race was really difficult with the conditions. At the beginning. We didn’t know if we had to start with the rain or slick tyre. Two minutes before the start we notice the asphalt started to dry and decided to go for the slick tyre. The race wasn’t easy because many riders made big attacks on the break. But in the end, I finish second and we’ll try to fight at the front like today.”

P3 – Alvaro Diaz (Arco Motor University Team)

Diaz battled up from 14th on the grid to take third place in Race 1.

He claimed his seventh podium in WorldSSP300, his sixth of 2022.

He remains the Championship leader with a reduced advantage of 11 points.

“It was a very difficult race, because of the mixed conditions and lot of riders fighting at the front. It was a good race for the Championship even if it’s the worst circuit for me so far this season. I need to continue on the line race y race. Tomorrow, I believe I can fight for the victory.”

Humberto Maier (AD78 Team Brasil by MS Racing) started from the front row and converted that into fourth place at the line but was then demoted two places for irresponsible riding, being classified in sixth place, his best result of his WorldSSP300 career.

Maier’s penalty therefore promoted Daniel Mogeda (Team#109 Kawasaki) to fourth, his best WorldSSP300 result with Matteo Vannucci (AG Motorsport Italia Yamaha) battling from the back of the grid to finish in fifth place; Vannucci able to continue the theme of incredible fightbacks in WorldSSP300 races in 2022.

Championship contender Samuel Di Sora (Leader Team Flembbo) finished in 13th place. He remains third in the standings but the gap to Diaz increased to 37 points.

To note:

With rain falling prior to the start of the race, the race was declared wet meaning the race distance was reduced from 14 to 12 laps for the WorldSSP300 field.

WorldSSP300 resumes on Sunday from 9:50 (Local Time) followed by Race 2 at 14:00.

WorldSSP300 Results Race 1:

1. Marc Garcia (Yamaha MS Racing) 
2. Hugo De Cancellis (Prodina Racing WorldSSP300) +10.984s
3. Alvaro Diaz (Arco Motor University Team) +11.005s
4Daniel Mogeda (Team#109 Racing) +11.190s
5. Matteo Vannucci (AG Motorsport Italia Yamaha) +11.202s
6. Humberto Maier (AD78 team Brasil by MS Racing) +11.220s