2020 'about making progress' in the push to rebuild Williams, says Claire

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2020 is "about making progress" in the effort to rebuild Williams, deputy team boss Claire Williams says.

Monday saw the British team not only reveal their new car, the FW43, but also hit the track as they conducted a shakedown in Barcelona.

That already puts the Grove-based team on a much better footing now than they were 12 months ago when they missed the start of winter testing.

And Williams is keen to use this season to begin an upward trajectory.

“This year marks a fresh start for the team," said Williams.

"We have spent time addressing our areas of weakness and have ensured that we have the right people, structures, procedures and resource in place to deliver competitive race cars.

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"We are all committed to re-building Williams and returning the team to competitiveness. As such, our 2020 campaign is about making progress.

"The fighting spirit is still very much alive, and this year, everyone will continue that fight until we get back to where we want to be.”

First impressions suggest Williams may still be at the back of the grid initially this season but after scoring just a single point last year, it does feel as if it can't get any worse for this once great British team.