Marko: DAS currently the difference between Mercedes & Red Bull

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Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko believes Mercedes' new DAS system is all that is separating the two teams after the first pre-season test.

Last week, the innovative Dual-Axis Steering system was the talk of the paddock as teams and tech experts tried to understand if it was legal and what were the benefits.

With the FIA confident that it did meet the regulations, the question is now whether it will be the game-changer that keeps Mercedes ahead, and Marko believes it is.

"They win the time against us because they have no understeer when cornering in tight corners," the Austrian explained via AutoBild. "They achieve that with DAS."

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The Red Bull advisor puts the time gained per lap at around 0.2s per lap, which is coincidentally the gap he sees between the W11 and the RB16.

When asked about the system, which alters the toe angle of the front wheels when the driver pulls back on the steering wheel, Max Verstappen wasn't that interested.

"I'm not too bothered about it," he said. "It's also not my job. I drive the car, and I try to drive it as fast as I can with what I have.

"It's up to the team to see what's allowed, what's coming onto the car, and I just give my feedback with what's on the car."

During the first test, Red Bull opted, as they usually do, not to look at performance, but instead understanding the RB16 by running longer runs on harder compounds with higher fuel.

For this week's final test, starting on Wednesday, however, it does seem the team is set to push the envelope a little.

“We will only get a clearer picture during the last test starting Wednesday," he said.

"We will be driving the Melbourne trim, especially on Friday. I assume that others will do the same, but I am convinced that we are Mercedes' main competitor."