Renault could risk 'revolution' among staff by signing Alonso for 2021

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Renault has been warned signing Fernando Alonso for 2021 could trigger a "revolution" among staff.

With Daniel Ricciardo leaving for McLaren, the French manufacturer is in need of a second driver alongside Esteban Ocon having also committed to staying in Formula 1 post-2020.

Several names have been linked and last week Cyril Abiteboul confirmed the two-time world champion was "an option".

But despite rumours F1 commercial rights holder Liberty Media could help in meeting Alonso's likely hefty salary demands, choosing the Spaniard may cause a backlash at Renault, who announced 15,000 jobs will be cut due to the financial fallout of Covid-19.

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“If you fire people and spend a lot of money to sign Alonso, you run the risk of provoking a revolution,” former Ferrari boss Marco Andrea Zecchi told L’Equipe.

“The unions can ask why the company is firing workers.”

However, one way that could be prevented is if the company can prove it would bring wider benefits to the company.

“If during the management meeting, Renault presents its economic plan by insisting on the group’s desire to relaunch and promote the brand, produce electric models and the need to have a new ambassador in the person of Alonso, it may be easier for him to be accepted," he added.