F1 likely to confirm second 2020 race in Italy this week, says ACI president

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Formula 1 could confirm a second Grand Prix in Italy this season on Friday, ACI president Angelo Sticchi Damiani says.

In recent weeks races have been touted both at Mugello and Imola in 2020, as F1 bosses look for alternative venues to take the place of flyaway rounds that have been cancelled due to the coronavirus.

But, initially at least, it's Mugello that is considered more likely to hold a GP, as it is owned by Ferrari who would then commemorate their 1000th F1 race at the circuit.

Also, another hint came in the name Sticchi Damiani suggested the second Italian race could run under, with Imola having used the San Marino GP moniker for all but one of its F1 events.

“The chance is serious and concrete,” the ACI president told Italy’s TMW radio.

Italian GP F1

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“We are working on it because it could be that the following week [after Monza], at the most two after, there will be another European Grand Prix and it could be in Italy. From Monza, you could move or not at all, or just a little to Imola and Mugello.

“I realize that too many duplicate races could tire the television audience and I would have to look for another circuit," he noted. "We in Italy are lucky enough to have three qualified. There is an embarrassment of riches.”

And as for why an announcement this weekend is likely...

“Well, Friday we have the FIA world council meeting. I also have a meeting on Thursday night, and it could be that everything is decided this weekend," Sticchi Damiani added.

Should Mugello get the green light, it would be the first time the Sicilian venue had hosted an F1 race, and the first time F1 cars have run there in anger since 2012.

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From that experience eight years ago, however, former Red Bull driver Mark Webber warned the drivers had better be prepared for a lot of G-force on the fast, sweeping circuit.

“What I do know is it will probably be 40 degrees,” he told the F1 Nation podcast.

“Not one driver’s head is going to stay on around that track. If they race in Mugello their necks are going to snap in half with those cars around the back – it’s so, so quick.

“I think it will be brilliant. I tested there [in the past] and it’s very, very, very, very quick. So good – bring it on.”