Leclerc tours Maranello in 2020 Ferrari before Fiorano test

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Charles Leclerc took the Ferrari SF1000 for a special drive through the streets of Maranello en route to Fiorano for a test day on Thursday.

The special trip was to commemorate the Italian team returning to action ahead of the delayed 2020 Formula 1 season, 110 days after their last track outing on the final day of pre-season testing in Barcelona.

Starting at the Classic Offices in the heart of Maranello, where founder Enzo Ferrari began his iconic brand, Leclerc made his way past the current factory at the Gestione Sportiva and down the Via Gilles Villeneuve to his destination at Fiorano.

Charles Leclerc FerraRI mARANELLO

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“I don’t normally like getting up early, but this morning there was a great reason to do so," the Monegasque commented.

"Maybe it woke a few people up, but it was great to drive through the streets of Maranello in the SF1000.

"It was exciting to get back in the car today, particularly on such a special route. Being back in the cockpit felt like coming home again.

"It seemed like a fun way of saying we are ready to get back on track. Now I can’t wait to drive the SF1000 in Austria.”

Should Ferrari complete a filming day in the 2020 car they will be limited to just 100km around their Fiorano test.

This though may give enough time to run what is expected to be a hugely updated car when the season starts next month.

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According to, the Scuderia will use an updated engine from pre-season, which was less powerful than last year's due to changes in the wake of the FIA's technical investigation.

This updated unit is expected to provide around 15 more horsepower and reliability is thought to be strong after initial issues on the dyno.

Further changes will also come to the aero, with Ferrari claiming this year's car was the most extreme in terms of downforce than any of its recent predecessors.

Just how many new parts are ready in time is uncertain, however, due to the restrictions in production and coronavirus measures that are limiting contact with suppliers.