Montoya: Vettel's next move 'depends on how much he still loves motorsport'

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What Sebastian Vettel chooses to do in 2021 may depend on how much he still loves motorsport, Juan Pablo Montoya claims.

As it stands, the four-time world champion has very limited options in Formula 1 next year, after agreeing to part ways from Ferrari at the end of this year.

One option often speculated upon was Mercedes, but Valtteri Bottas recently claimed the German manufacturer isn't considering Vettel despite team boss Toto Wolff saying he'll keep him in mind.

Before the Finn's comments though, Montoya explained why he thought Sebastian was a strong option for 2021.

“One thing that Vettel has with Mercedes is very good that he is German," he pointed out, speaking to

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“If you look at the last years, they have always doubted to affirm Bottas.

“Or at least what they want from Bottas, I don’t know if he has never been what they want or what it is, but if you look at Bottas it is always a year [contract] and then it is very difficult to grow when there is no stability.

“When you are thinking that they are going to throw you out all day, it is very difficult to drive fast.

“It depends on what Mercedes wants to do," the former McLaren and Williams driver added. “Having Vettel and Hamilton in the same team would be spectacular for Mercedes.”

Away from Mercedes, only Renault now appears an alternative with some viability, if not, Montoya doesn't know if Vettel will look elsewhere.

“For me, in his position, it is either going home or to Mercedes. It all depends on how much love he still has for motorsport," the Colombian said.

"Because look, when a person like Fernando [Alonso] … he is like me, he likes to run. Fernando, whatever they put him in, if it has an engine, he’s going to run and so am I.

“Vettel, one does not know how much passion he has for motor racing in general or just F1.”