McLaren to remain an 'open book' with Sainz despite pending exit

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McLaren will remain an "open book" with Carlos Sainz before he leaves to join Ferrari next season.

Typically when drivers are set to move teams, they are gradually phased out of some key meetings regarding car development to avoid picking up information they can pass on to their new employers.

But, with the same chassis and other key parts set to be frozen and used again in 2021, McLaren CEO Zak Brown is keen to include Sainz in the process right until the end of this year.

“We want to get the most out of the shortened 2020 season. I, therefore, think it is not very productive to withhold information [from Sainz],” he told Sky Sports.

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“We will also continue with the 2020 chassis in the coming season. If we had been in normal times, now with the development of the new generation of vehicles, it would have been obvious not to show Carlos everything, but the brand new racers will only come in 2022.

“The development of today’s racers is largely frozen, so we will continue to maintain our excellent relationship with Carlos, we will be like an open book for Sainz.”

After their impressive form at the front of the midfield last year, however, there is a sense of concern at McLaren that perhaps they've been caught by the likes of Renault and Racing Point for this season.

Also, following the coronavirus, there are questions over the financial state of the Woking-based team, but Brown remains confident.

“I know that the midfield all-around will be even tougher than in 2019, but I’m in good spirits,” he said.

“And that starts with the drivers. Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris are very competitive, but they get along really well.

"I’m somewhat proud of how we did it. We are a team in which the drivers can feel comfortable.”