Vettel doubts Binotto reasoning for his Ferrari exit, accepts 'we have failed'

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Sebastian Vettel doesn't believe Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto's reasoning for choosing not to offer him a new contract for 2021.

In the midst of Formula 1's extended off-season, the peace was shattered by the news the German would not be staying at the Scuderia next season and Carlos Sainz would be his replacement.

The fallout from that decision though continued last week in Austria, as Vettel revealed that, rather than being the mutual agreement Ferrari had claimed it had been to part ways, instead it was after a sudden phone call from Binotto.

"I still thought it would have been an option to continue with Ferrari, it was communicated like that," he said on Austria's ServusTV this week.

"I was told they wanted to continue together. Then out of nowhere, I got a phone call, in which I was told that there won’t be any offer and no future together.

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"I’ll accept the decision and have no problem with it. Despite that, I will continue to fulfil my task and unlike last weekend, do a better job for the team and have a satisfactory closure."

What Vettel doesn't understand though is why the Ferrari boss blamed the impact of Covid-19 for the sudden change.

"The conditions with coronavirus are not so decisive there," said the four-time world champion.

"There were also partial reports that we could not agree on the financial. That was not an issue at all and wouldn’t have been."

Also last week, Vettel reflected on his past five years at Ferrari, a time which began with so much hope after winning their second race together, but ultimately ended in disappointment.

Vet GerGP 2018

“I think, first of all, you have to obviously say that from the day that I joined, we’ve tried everything together to fight for the championship, which I think is what we have done on several occasions, but we did not win the championship," he said.

“In that regard, looking back also, I have failed, we have failed.

“When you talk about looking back, here and there was missing a little bit. I think in the end we were never able to put the package together until the end of the year that was good enough to fight for the championship.

“In the end, it’s quite simple. We were not quick enough, our package was not good enough, and, as a team, we were not as strong as Mercedes.”